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Green Philosophy
Green Philosophy
Green Philosophy
Green Philosophy

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Green Philosophy

Green PhilosophyGreen PhilosophyGreen Philosophy


We, You and the Environment ...

We: Respect for the environment is one of our daily obligations. Energy and water savings are one of our basic interventions to minimize any impact on the environment. The hotel is also designed to facilitate the passage of natural light. The combination of local stone and abundant vegetation works as a natural air conditioner.

Used cooking fats and oils are being properly disposed.

  • There is contiuous  maintenance of premises and equipment to prevent the risk of environmental damage to water, land, flora and fauna.
  • Energy savings by replacing old technologies with new ones that will reduce energy losses, are constantly evolving.
  • The raw material market is sourced where possible from sustainable sources.
  • Recycling is actively supported within the business space by collecting and disposing of waste material (glass, aluminum, paper, wood, plastic, batteries) in recycling areas
  • We promote the respect and the prudent management of natural resources, not just the exploitation of the natural environment.
  • The lack of spa facilities is in the philosophy of green policy since there are no natural resources to create them.

You: We all definitely do something about the environment in our home, why not extend this to our travels? Thus, accommodation becomes essential through green philosophy. So you turn off the appliances when you do not need them and close the windows and doors when you have the heating on to keep your room warm. Be sure to use the lighting when you need it.

Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth, take a shower instead of a bath, leave the car ...