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44007 Aspraggeli Zagori Ioannina Epirus Greece

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It is an area in the Pindos mountain range, in Epirus, in northwestern Greece. Near Ioannina.

In the area there are 46 settlements called Zagorochoria, which are scattered at the foot of Pindos. The word Zagori comes from the Slavic intention Za which means "back" and the noun gora which means "mountain", which in turn is a corruption of the Greek term mountain. In ancient times the area was called "Paroraia", and its inhabitants "Paroraioi", ie those who live behind the mountains.

It is an area of ​​great natural beauty, with impressive geology and two national parks, one of which includes the river Aoos and the Vikos Gorge and the other the area around Valia Calda. The first evidence of human presence in the area dates back to 17,000 to 10,000 years ago.In Zagori, nature and man developed harmoniously for thousands of years and created a place full of legends, myths and magical images !!!!

It is noteworthy that Zagori holds a special place in the history of medicinal plants, since the first practitioners, the so-called Vikogiatroi, started from Zagori and used the rich Zagorian flora for therapeutic purposes.

The villages of Zagori are the most famous destination for winter holidays in Epirus. All the villages have preserved their traditional character with the stone houses, the cobbled streets and the roofs covered with black slate.

The old stone bridges that are kept in very good condition until today, the old mansions, the traditional watermills and the untouched natural landscape, really create the feeling that in Zagori time has stopped.

Zagori is the most ideal tourist destination in Epirus for holidays of four seasons while the Traditional Hotel Meliteion undertakes to make your stay ... like a fairy tale because our goal is not just to love it but to adore it!

GEOPARKO: Dear visitor, during your visit to Zagori you should know that the area includes an extremely rare and sensitive ecosystem, which is why in many places no human activity is allowed, except for those related to touring, hiking and recreation during the day. You should also know that from May that Spring begins and the flowering period starts, the flowers should not be cut for any reason because most of them are rare species. Near Asprangeli there is the information center for the N PINDOU NATIONAL PARK .

The National Park of North Pindos has a length of 230 km and a width of 70 km (area 1,969,741 acres), was founded in 2005 and is considered one of the most important areas at National and European level. It is the end of the Alpine Folding.There is a great variety of rare species,as in the area all the big mammals of continent Greece are hosted. A total of 60 species of mammals, 166 species of birds, 30 species of reptiles, 14 species of amphibians and 17 species of fish find shelter in the park. The main natural boundaries are the rivers Aoos and Voidomatis.

The Vikos-Aoos National Park is an area of ​​protected natural wealth, north of the city of Ioannina, in Zagori, Epirus. It was officially declared a national park in 1973 [1] and borders on the northeast with the Pindos-Vallia Calda National Park.

The area is part of the European network of natura protected areas and it is distinguished for the intense changes in the natural landscape: dense wooded areas are followed by steep cliffs.

The area of ​​Vikos-Aoos, which is one of the ten national parks of Greece, includes the gorge of Vikos which is the core of the forest as well as part of the Tymfi mountain range, the ravine of Aoos and a number of traditionally preserved settlements. It has also been named "Forest of the great peaks", due to the steep and high peaks of the area, with the highest one of Gamila (2,497m.) In Tymfi. It has an area of ​​122,250 acres, of which 34,120 are the main core of the Geopark.All the above in combination with the culture that was developed, make Zagorochoria so special that it is a member of UNESCO!