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River activities

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- Rafting on the river Voidomatis

Rafting is not, of course, "raft floating" as its name implies, but something much more exciting and
fun. It is the descent of rivers - with mild or large flow - with an inflatable boat. One of the rivers of Epirus, Voidomatis, is located in Zagorochoria and is suitable for your first contact with rafting, since it has a small degree of difficulty (grade 2 with a maximum of 6).

Duration of activity: Two hours

Difficulty: River for beginners, ideal for families and children over 5 years

-Monoraft on the river Voidomatis

You can try the sport of kayak as a beginner. Experienced guides will accompany you either in the two-seater boat or next to you in their kayak, always showing you the right direction to guide you to a very interesting river descent enjoying the river flow to a greater extent from the rafting boat.

Participants are provided with a neoprene diving suit (wetsuit), boots, life jacket and helmet. Drivers will bring a camera and take pictures (a copy will be given to you in the end).

Duration of activity: Two hours

Difficulty: River for Beginners, ideal for families and children over 5 years

- River Arachthos

The imposing river Arachthos passes through some of the most beautiful areas of Greece. It originates from the mountains of northern Pindos and passing between the mountains Lakmos and Mitsikeli, with its four tributaries (Zagoritikos,

Metsovitikos, Kalarrytikos and Barda) travels 135 kilometers to the Amvrakikos. It crosses many and
impressive gorges giving us unique images and experiences.

Choosing Rafting in Arachthos,we follow a relatively easy route of about 10 km, which is recommended even for beginners. We sail in a flow with continuous waves, turns and passages of 2nd - 3rd degree. We are referring to the most beautiful part of the river that starts from the Politsa Bridge near the village of Ampelochori and ends at the ornate Plaka Bridge. In the middle of our route we will not miss the opportunity to visit and dive in a natural lake formed by the impressive Waterfall of Klifki. Then, the entrance to the Arachthos Gorge is spectacular with vertical slopes up to 700 meters high. Along the way we meet many springs. Some of them  gush from the rocks, giving us a unique spectacle of clean and drinking water. At the exit of the Gorge, before the end of the route we admire the largest single-arched bridge in the Balkans, the Plaka Bridge.
The drivers have with them mobile phones and cameras for the beautiful moments of the activity.

Duration of activity: 2.5 hours
Difficulty: Medium level, ideal for families and children over 8 years old

-River Aoos

Aoos is a river of unique beauty that originates in the source lakes of Aoos in Metsovo and flows into the Adriatic
sea. It has a total length of 230 km, of which 70 in Greece and 160 in Albania. Just before
Greek-Albanian border and after Voidomatis has joined Aoos you  can live a fantastic experience
rafting. The route is 6 km in clear blue water. At various points along the way we stop for a quick dive, 
as the great depth and purity of the river makes you try it.

Passing the demolished, historic "middle bridge"we end just before the Monastery of Molyvdoskepastou, one of the
oldest monasteries of Epirus.

Duration of activity: Two hours

Difficulty: River for beginners, ideal for families and children over 5 years

Member of the International Rafting Federation

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